Prosthetics (orthopedic surgery)

Dropped a tooth! What to do?

There are many cases where the restoration of aesthetics and chewing efficiency tooth is possible only with the help of prosthetics. As a rule, this occurs with a significant tooth decay, or the absence of one or more teeth. In the arsenal of services VIVENDI has only the most modern and effective methods of restoration, which not only restore the tooth, but also satisfy your aesthetic requirements for it. Vivendi offers both removable and non-removable prosthetics.



After initial diagnosis:

  • Impression of alginate mass
    250 UAH
  • Two-layer impression with C-silicone
    390 UAH
  • Overlay cofferdam
    170 UAH
  • One-Layer C-silicone impression
    330 UAH
  • A-silicone impression
    680 UAH
  • Target x-ray
    120 UAH
  • Lab tests:

  • Crown based on zirconium oxide
    5200 UAH
  • Metal-ceramic crown
    2100 UAH
  • Ceramic crown / inlay E-MAX
    5200 UAH
  • Cost of orthopedic treatment in Lukyanovka:

  • Fiberglass pin
    1000 UAH
  • Adhesive bridge
    3000 UAH
  • Removal of the old metal crown
    250 UAH
  • Cementation of a crown from another institution
    350 UAH
  • Cult inlay cast metal
    780 UAH
  • Plastic / temporary crown
    440 UAH
  • Removal of the old metal-ceramic crown
    350 UAH
  • WAX UP (wax modeling of one tooth)
    300 UAH
  • Production of removable dentures in Kyiv:

  • Partial removable denture
    4000 UAH
  • Crimped denture from
    5000 UAH
  • Full removable denture
    4500 UAH
  • Relining of removable denture
    1300 UAH