Beauty and health of teeth

Healthy Smile

Procedures that help teeth stay white and healthy for a long time. This includes both professional hygiene and dental remineralization services and and beauty treatments through safe whitening.

Below on the page you will find types of procedures and actual prices in UAH.



After initial diagnosis:

  • Complex removal of dental plaque 1 type
    750 UAH
  • Office teeth whitening Amazing White
    2600 UAH
  • Hygienic cleaning with professional toothpaste (1 jaw)
    250 UAH
  • Installation of jewelry (skyscraper) on the tooth
    800 UAH
  • Complex removal of dental plaque type 2
    900 UAH
  • Remineralization of teeth 1 session
    700 UAH
  • Intracanal whitening 1 session
    700 UAH
  • Fissure sealing
    400 UAH
  • Supporting health - creating beauty of teeth

    Procedures in this block include professional hygiene, remineralization and whitening, which are fairly simple dental procedures. They usually require local anesthesia. We strengthen with remineralization your teeth and protect them from the harmful effects of acids after eating, we help them stay white and your smile shine!